distributed drone registry

Aviation Industry IT and Telecoms Multinational


Applied Blockchain has been commissioned by SITA, the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology for the aviation industry with a turnover of $1.6 Billion and 4,500 employees, to develop the world’s first distributed drone registry. The private blockchain platform brings together drone operators, drone manufactures and regulators together with a single source of truth.

Flight path data captured by a drone during a flight can be uploaded onto the same shared ledger and represented visually on an interactive map. As this data is attached to a registered drone, aviation authorities can plot the flights of a specific drone, all drones of a given operator, or even all drones from a specific manufacturer, all on a single map and in real time. This access to data is a paradigm shift from legacy based systems, which inherently rely upon a single trusted party to maintain the data and provide the correct level of access to users.

“Applied Blockchain have always been very helpful by coming up with new concepts and new developments. They challenge you as a customer, they say ‘have you thought about this, have you thought about that?’. This has been very refreshing and I would definitely recommend Applied Blockchain.”

Stephane Cheikh

Ventures & Innovation Manager, SITA Ventures

blockchain based social bank

A Startup Bank Applying For A Banking License


Applied Blockchain is working with BABB, a financial institution that is applying to become a social bank, to build the core banking infrastructure and a full-stack banking application on a private blockchain using smart contracts. The solution stores customer data within smart contracts on the blockchain and connects customers and banking service providers on a shared network, where the permissions for who can access or use that data is entirely controlled directly by the customer.

BABB is a multi-sided platform built to provide banking and other financial services to individuals and small businesses. It is a unique opportunity to bring financial inclusion and social cohesion to the widest possible audience, connecting the Beneficiary and the Sender without resorting to unnecessary middlemen or middle-layers of technologies.

“Applied Blockchain has experience in all levels of development – the blockchain core, the server level, the interface to web, the interface to mobile – so they look at the end to end process to minimise costs, maximise performance and improve scalability.”

Guido Branca

Former CEO, BABB

authorised signatory list

Cross-industry Blockchain Signatory Platform Startup


Applied Blockchain has been engaged by Cygnetise to build a blockchain platform for the permissioned sharing and management of authorised signatory lists, where data is stored within smart contracts directly onto the blockchain. This replaces the existing process of manually creating, updating and redistributing signatory lists, which results in a large administrative burden and risk of fraud due to data inconsistencies.

The platform removes the need for constant signatory list reconciliation with a distributed ledger, where signatories can be added or removed in real time and a scan of their signature can be uploaded and hash of this file is stored securely into a smart contract. Using Applied Blockchain’s Privacy Capsule, each user can dynamically determine which of the network members can access which specific aspects of the data, meaning that data is kept cryptographically secure, encrypted within smart contracts and can only be unlocked by another with the express permission of the entity that owns the data.

“Applied Blockchain feel the passion for your business. They don’t just treat the development like a nonsensical piece of work they have been instructed to do and are getting paid for. They actually like to get involved, they feel excited about what you’re doing, being a part of it and advise accordingly.”

Steve Pomfret

CEO, Cygnetise

reinventing online privacy and security

A Consumer Blockchain Tool for Login, Payment and Identity Verification

Applied Blockchain is working with Nuggets, a consumer blockchain application giving users a single biometric tool for login, payment and identity verification, without sharing or storing private data. Today, consumers share and store personal, payment and password data with 50+ different online services. If any one of these services is breached, they all become vulnerable. With Nuggets, blockchain technology means users never share their data with anyone – not even Nuggets itself.

Nuggets is an agnostic tool, applicable anywhere. It only uses biometric identification, so there are no passwords to remember – or to risk being stolen. And the product doesn’t track users, the way other ‘single sign-in’ services do. In providing this simple, trusted tool for consumers, Nuggets also solves corporates biggest problem: data security and cybercrime. If companies no longer need to store millions of customers’ data, they can’t be hacked.

career verification platform

Blockchain-based Experience Platform Startup


Applied Blockchain is working with APPII to build a full-stack employment and academic experience application. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, the platform enables individuals to have their experience verified by academic institutions and previous employers, reducing misrepresentation of previous achievements whilst ensuring that the individual retains ownership of their own data by storing it securely within smart contracts.

With an objective representation of the identity of the individual, prospective employers can reduce their extensive due diligence process for new hires using the verifications of previous employers and academic institutions stored immutably on the blockchain.