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Integration of EIP1559 for Ethereum mainnet
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Ethereum EIP1559 is a change to the Ethereum protocols that allows the user to pay a high gas fee in order for their transaction to be prioritised (or a lower one, for lower priority and longer processing time). Ledger commissioned Applied Blockchain to add support for Ethereum’s EIP1559 in the Ledger live app. With this integration, both the Ledger Live Desktop and Ledger Live Mobile apps allow users to utilise EIP1559 transactions on Ethereum.


Applied Blockchain designed and developed this integration in collaboration with the Ledger Live app product team. The changes were implemented in the transaction generation and signing logic.


EIP1559 replaces the first-price auction as the main gas fee calculation and embeds an average price for Ethereum transactions. As Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the Ledger Live app, this feature was highly anticipated by the platform’s users.

Client Testimonials
Victor Baconnet
Product Owner, Ledger
The Applied Blockchain team has been really great to work with on this project, and we highly recommend them. All the project management side of this was taken care of by them and they were very professional at every stage. They gave us a clear roadmap and vision as to how to deliver this change, ensuring the project ran extremely smoothly. This freed up a lot of time on our side for us to focus on the quality and product side of things, and it was easy working with them to adapt the project around the feedback we received from our users.
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Victor Baconnet
Product Owner, Ledger