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Development of the world’s first distributed drone registry.

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What Applied Blockchain Delivered

Applied Blockchain has been commissioned by SITA, the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology for the aviation industry with a turnover of $1.6 Billion and 4,500 employees, to develop the world’s first distributed drone registry. The private blockchain platform brings together drone operators, drone manufacturers and regulators together with a single source of truth.

Flight path data captured by a drone during a flight can be uploaded onto the same shared ledger and represented visually on an interactive map. As this data is attached to a registered drone, aviation authorities can plot the flights of a specific drone, all drones of a given operator, or even all drones from a specific manufacturer, all on a single map and in real time. This access to data is a paradigm shift from legacy-based systems, which inherently rely upon a single trusted party to maintain the data and provide the correct level of access to users.