Trusted by global organisations and startups alike

What we do

Blockchain solutions

We have developed and deployed dozens of blockchain applications from NFT marketplaces for famous artists to sophisticated DeFi protocols and Web3 dApps, on blockchains including Ethereum, Algorand, Polygon and Solana. We are also developing the next generation of blockchain solutions. These include SilentData, a privacy-preserving data oracle for off-chain data, and London Bridge, a hardware-secured bridge between Algorand, Ethereum, and other EVM chains for cross chain asset transfers.

Who we help

Cutting-edge startups to global enterprises

Victor Baconnet, Product Owner at Ledger

Ben Van Beurden, Former CEO at Shell

Over the last years we have been selected by some of the world's top companies to advise, design and build innovative solutions. We serve customers in DeFi, Web3, NFTs, cryptocurrency, financial services, trading, energy, commodities, supply chain, telecoms and government.

Why us

Independent thinking, production grade solutions

Thought leaders

We contribute to global industry events and whitepapers, with keynote presentations and commentaries on practical applications of distributed ledgers, advanced cryptography, confidential computing and secure enclaves. Our work has led us to be recognised by the UK government, where Adi Ben-Ari has been invited to present at the House of Lords, Houses of Parliament, and leading academic institutions.

International market leader

We have built and deployed enterprise grade solutions in the UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, China, USA and South America. Gartner has recognised Applied Blockchain amongst the Top Global Blockchain Development and Consulting Firm for 4 consecutive years 2017-2020.

Industry experts

We are experts in applications of distributed ledgers (DApps), advanced cryptography, and confidential computing. Our team of in-house development experts work closely with our clients to bring innovative solutions to life – together.