We bring innovative solutions to problems businesses face today

We work with enterprises and startups across all verticals. We design and develop blockchain solutions best suited to your needs. We work across the development stack. We advise, design, build and deploy future-proof blockchain applications. We work with you from the initial seed of your idea and continue to support you as you move into production and beyond.

Our Solutions

Future-Proof Decentralised Applications

Mantle, our blockchain agnostic application and privacy toolkit works with any blockchain platform. This provides identity and key management, data privacy in compliance with GDPR, anonymity, easy integration, development efficiency, and future-proofs our clients applications to work with the best available technology.


We understand the difference between writing smart contracts for POCs in a lab environment and architecting and deploying a distributed blockchain application into a production environment.

When we design all our applications, we keep in mind the end state of very different production environments of both enterprises and startups to ensure we are production-ready at delivery.

Blockchain Security Audits

Blockchain technology is implemented to create a trustless network and to significantly reduce fraud. Before deploying a decentralised solution, a third party penetration testing is always recommended.

With our team of blockchain and assurance experts, we provide auditing services for blockchain smart contracts developed by other providers.

Our Approach

Building your Blockchain Project



We work with you to learn about your project and provide independent strategic advice on whether blockchain is suitable and adds genuine technical and business value to the problem you are trying to solve.

We assess your requirements to provide you with an impartial recommendation to approach and implement your blockchain project and then advise which of the available blockchain technologies is best suited for your application. We document this for you before moving on to building a prototype.




The prototype is for you to test against your requirements and technical needs. Our solution architects, developers and designers work together to prove that the concepts for the proposed blockchain application are viable. We create a working prototype based on the minimum requirements of the product, for you to test and to give feedback on.




Our developers build your project and test it at every stage. After the build is complete, we coordinate with your respective Project Manager and Technical a to support in implementing the project for you. We move into production, and then your project is live.




We provide you with ongoing support from the day we start a conversation with you. After the delivery and deployment of your project, we continue to work with you to ensure its smooth operation and advise on technical enhancements if required.