Lymited case study
Changing the Game for Luxury Vendors
Luxury goods

Lymited is an ecosystem of services centred around the buying, selling, investment and enjoyment in limited edition goods, rare artefacts and works of art. The intention is to disintermediate the auction market space by providing a marketplace for people interested in these assets to trade in the comfort of knowing the assets are genuine, fairly priced and with competitive commission.

The online platform is meant to allow the discovery of appealing items by browsing or searching, and to verify their status/authenticity. You will then be able to purchase items outright and make payment. If a person registers as a Vendor, they are able to upload items for sale for which you would receive payment. Vendors and other approved contributors will be able to upload articles about collectable items, allow the fractional sale and purchase of items to allow for peer-to-peer investment opportunities in high value items that can increase in value.