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Senior DevOps


About the position

    DevOps Engineer is responsible for deploying, automating, maintaining, troubleshooting and improving the systems that keep the backend infrastructure running smoothly.

    The role requires you to have hands-on technical experience and a can-do approach towards environment automation/management and continuous improvement.

    The DevOps Engineer works collaboratively with software engineering to deploy and operate our systems.

    Help automate and streamline our operations and processes. Build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations. And troubleshoot and resolve issues in our dev, test and production environments.

Required skills & experience

  • 2+ years experience as a DevOps Engineer in a commercial environment
  • 2+ years experience with Docker
  • 1+ year experience with Docker Swarm or Kubernetes
  • Experienced with CI processes and tools (Jenkins)
  • Ability to analyse and resolve complex infrastructure resource and application deployment issues
  • Bash scripting/programming skills + knowledge of the Linux Operating System
  • Have hands-on technical experience and a can-do approach towards environment automation/management and continuous improvement
  • Extensive familiarity with at least one major cloud provider (Azure, AWS)

Additional desirable experience

  • Professional experience managing and operating solutions built on blockchain
  • 3+ years experience in a major programming langu.gitage (Ruby/ Python/Javascript/C++/Java/C#)
  • Knowledge and experience of Terraform and Packer
  • Experience maintaining high traffic websites and web services
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science or another equivalent technical discipline

Frontend React Software Developer


About the position

  • Developing cutting edge software solutions for startups and corporate clients
  • Developing DApps (Decentralized applications) based on the Ethereum blockchain platform
  • Integrating with Applied Blockchain proprietary SDK library that will handle the communication with the blockchain
  • Integrating with REST APIs
  • Engaging with the developers in your team, share ideas and come up with a practical implementation
  • Creating user-friendly web and mobile UX/UIs
  • Writing automated tests for both React components and for browser-based end to end tests
  • Reviewing other developers code in form of github pull requests
  • Ensuring that the features you developed are deployed and working on the staging or production environment

Required skills & experience

  • 3+ years of professional javascript frontend or full-stack development experience (any framework: React, Angular.js, Ember.js, JQuery, Vanilla JS, etc.)
  • 0.5+ years of professional React experience
  • Experience with Redux or others Flux-like state-management libraries
  • Deep web knowledge (DOM, HTML, CSS)
  • Experience in writing automated tests
  • Experience with Git and Github and common development flows
  • Good teamwork skills

Additional desirable experience

  • Mobile development experience (Swift/Objective C and Cocoa for iOS, Java/Kotlin and Android SDK for Android)
  • React Native experience
  • Experience with CSS preprocessors (SASS, LESS, Stylus, ...)
  • Experience supporting legacy browsers (IE10)
  • Experience with CSS3 new features (CSS3 transitions)
  • Mobile development experience via Phonegap/Cordova
  • Knowledge of continuous integration workflow and tools
  • Experience in End to end testing
  • Experience working with project management tools, such as Trello, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Zube etc
  • Experience in backend development with Node.js (Express.js)
  • Experience with SQL and NoSql Databases (MySQL/Postgres, Redis)
  • Bash scripting knowledge

Backend Node Software Developer


About the position

  • Develop cutting edge software solutions for startups and corporate clients
  • Engage with clients to understand their product vision and design proof-of-concept
  • and production grade products
  • Develop smart contracts on solidity
  • Liaise with frontend developers to build APIs for web and mobile
  • Write automated tests for smart contracts and server side code
  • Design and build large scale, high volume systems

Required skills & experience

  • 3+ years of backend development experience
  • 1+ years of Node.js
  • Experience in writing automated tests
  • Experience with API design and implementation
  • Experience with SQL and NoSql Databases
  • Basic understanding of Linux
  • Git knowledge (feature branches, github flow)

Additional desirable experience

  • Knowledge of ES6+/ES2015+ (new features, specifically: Promises, Async/Await and Generators)
  • Experience in API development and best practices (testing, documenting, versioning, monitoring)
  • Testing Frameworks (Jest, Mocha/Chai/Should.js)
  • Docker experience (Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes)
  • Cloud computing platforms: Azure, AWS (user roles / network configuration / VM deployment)
  • Experience with EC2 APIs (S3, creating and configuring networks and VMs programmatically)
  • Experience in React
  • Blockchain knowledge - Bitcoin: bitcoin core software and rpc api, bitcoin js libraries, block explorer apis, op-return and timestamping. Ethereum: web3.js, setting up and running geth/parity nodes, solidity smart contracts, truffle.js
  • HTML and CSS