Node hosting & assurance

Increase security and transparency of your private, consortium or side network with an Applied Blockchain secured node

This addresses one of the greatest concerns of private, consortium and side networks: they are often controlled by a small group of entities that may collude to undermine the blockchain consensus and thereby defraud network users. Applied Blockchain will host and control an independent node in your network, and monitor, alert and report in the case of forks, reordering of transactions or any malicious behaviour that may undermine the security of your blockchain network.

Provide assurance to users of your blockchain solution with an independent Applied Blockchain node and explorer

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An enterprise blockchain explorer for independent transparency

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Detect, alert and report forks and reorgs

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A trusted brand used by global corporations as well as independent startups

Applied Blockchain has experience supporting multiple distributed technologies

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Case study

Energy Web Foundation

As an EWF affiliate member, Applied Blockchain was invited to run an authority node in the Energy Web Chain blockchain network.

Case study

Block explorer

Block Explorer

Complementing the independently controlled node, our independently hosted open source blockchain explorer provides further transparency and assurance to users of the applications running on that network.

The Applied Blockchain explorer is a tool for visualising blockchain networks, improving transparency and highlighting malicious activity. The explorer also aids in spotting potential issues with the blockchain such as forks and reorgs.

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