Identity and privacy toolkit

A key element of public distributed ledger technologies is that anyone hosting a node on the network can view all confirmed transactions on that network. This level of transparency naturally creates a barrier to entry for enterprises and startups who wish to deploy blockchain applications but require an element of privacy in order to maintain their competitive advantage.

What Mantle delivers

Mantle solves the problem of privacy and anonymity by adding an additional layer of security on top of any blockchain application that supports smart contracts.

This enables confidential data to be encrypted within smart contracts and kept anonymous, whilst other data can be shared on the ledger for users to see.

Mantle enables data caching to greatly improve system performance and data retrieval to run application operations.

Mantle schematic

Mantle and its layers

Blockchain application

Encrypted data

Blockchain platform

The layers of Mantle include

wallet icon


Generate and store private/public key pairs belonging to a user or to another entity, call Smart Contracts and sign transactions

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Compatible on most blockchain platforms, and allows private data to be encrypted and accessed by selected parties

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Key recovery

Provides two different key recovery mechanisms

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Platform independent

Can be used on any blockchain application that supports smart contracts

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Cryptographic key issuance and storage to securely manage the identities of network members

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GDPR compliance

Enables the “right to be forgotten”

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Enterprise key management

Integration with AWS Key Management Service and Azure Key Vault

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Directory services integration