Solutions Built for Business

Live, Real World Solutions

To date, Applied Blockchain has delivered ten different blockchain solutions to a variety of clients across numerous sectors, including banking, payments, invoice financing, supply chain management, aviation and recruitment. Our end-to-end solutions include mobile applications with biometrics and wallets, enterprise blockchain adapters, blockchain data cache for analytics, and private, permissioned smart contracts. Through our experiences building real world blockchain solutions, we have taken additional steps to harden our technology stack, such as third-party audits and legal counsel.

Blockchain Agnostic Framework

We have built a light framework that works seamlessly with any underlying blockchain platform, meaning we always work with the best technology available. To bridge the gap between the current capabilities of blockchain platforms and business requirements for solutions, we have developed selection of plug-ins that can be added to our blockchain solutions to perform certain functions, such as a Wallet to hold a store of value, a Cache to improve performance, and a Privacy Capsule for the dynamic control over permissioning data access.

Private Blockchains

For our clients to retain control and ownership of their solutions, we build solutions on private blockchains. Using open source public blockchain code, such as Ethereum, we take the best parts from the battle-tested code that has been in the public domain, remove the transaction fees and then build on top to ensure control, security and privacy. Private chains also do not need cryptocurrency, as value can be exchanged instead via tokens within smart contracts, meaning that we bypass the current legal uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Enterprise Experience

The company founders each come with 20+ years experience of enterprise IT architecture, big data, AI, integration and solution delivery in telecoms and banking. Using this experience, Applied Blockchain builds solutions that incorporate components such as privacy, security and integration, independently audited by third parties, and ready for use by enterprise clients that operate in regulated markets.