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14 Blockchain Predictions for 2016

Wishing you a happy, healthy and successful 2016! Here are my 14 blockchain predictions for the coming year.   1. The hype won't last This time next year, not everyone will be talking about Blockchain. The hype will not last. Blockchain is at the peak of a tech...

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The Whole App in a Blockchain

A smart contract describes the make-up of a blockchain transaction.  The contract defines the actors in a transaction (e.g. Bitcoin accounts), the logic (e.g. transfer cryptocurrency from one account to another), and the data (e.g. update the values in each account...

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Blockchain as a Database

Much has been written about the merits of private blockchains. including articles by Richard Brown of IBM, as well as the founders of Eris. Private Blockchains A private blockchain involves a separate, essentially closed network, of blockchain participants (also known...

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